Гусеничный кран Zoomlion 75т ZCC750H-1/27Y

  1. Main technical parameters

Table – Main technical parameters

Item Unit Value Remarks
Max. lifting moment t×m 300  
Max. lifting capacity t 75  
Max. lifting capacity on fixed jib t 12.5  
Main boom length m 13 - 58  
Fixed jib length m 7 - 19  
Max. length of main boom with fixed jib m 43+19  
Main boom angle ° 30 - 80  
Fixed jib angle ° 10, 30  
Max. single rope speed of hoisting winch m/min 129  
Max. single rope speed of derricking winch m/min 102  
Slewing speed rpm 0 - 2.0  
Traveling speed km/h 0 - 1.49  
Max. gradeability 30 Basic boom and counterweight are in front.
Ground pressure MPa 0.074  
Deadweight t 61.6 Basic boom with main load hook attached
Crane counterweight t 23.0  
Overall dimensions (L × W × H) mm 13000×5010(3380)×3260 With A-frame and main boom pivot section
Engine Model   WP7G270E301  
Rated power / rotational speed kW/rpm 199/2000  
Max. output torque / rotational speed Nm/rpm 1200/(1200 - 1500)  
Exhaust emission / National Stage III  
Distance between track center × crawler contact length × crawler width mm 2560×5440×760 Crawler carrier retracted
mm 4250×5440×760 Crawler carrier extended
Noise Noise level outside the operator’s cab during operation dB ≤107  
Noise level in the operator’s cab during operation dB ≤85  


  1. The single rope speed of the winch, slewing speed and traveling speed vary with the load.
  2. The ground pressure is the average value, and the actual maximum ground pressure should be determined according to the actual lifting conditions.

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